Eye to Pencil is an interdisciplinary studio, working with people to activate and express their ideas through drawing.

Guest Series

Our series of talks and workshops are given by leading professionals across different fields who draw as a part of their work and life. In the Summer our guests will be discussing drawing in relation to murals, art, architecture, and satirical portraiture. These workshops are a unique chance to understand drawing from different disciplines - working hands on within a small group led by inspirational drawers.


Our upcoming Guest Talks and Workshops showcase how drawing plays a role across disciplines.

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Thursday Evening Workshops

This Summer’s Thursday Evening workshops include a couple of new faces who bring new ideas and skills into the studio, plus a couple of familiar faces developing workshop ideas further. Ellis Warren focuses on thinking, writing, drawing and speaking. Issey Kang will take a psychogeographical dive around the local Clerkenwell area. Fashion student Mack Pegram, will lead us through a consequences drawing-game, with mistranslation. Ending the term Inez Valentine will run an airbrush workshop drawing onto our own clothing. Join us in the studio for a term of incredibly varied drawing approaches!

Starting on 27 April.


The Thursday Evening Drawing Underbelly

The Thursday Evening Underbelly Drawing workshops will form a series of drawing workshops that pop up in between the normal running of Thursday Evenings at Eye to Pencil. They are a chance to take stock of the events of the week before and offer a ruminatory and tangential roam through drawing and things on the minds of Molly Andrews and Alex Heard. They’ll be running three workshops this Summer term, which span disorientation, personal narrative and a non-stop group exercise linking drawing and speaking.


    31 March - 2 April 2023

    A show of more than 100 Useful drawings, each accompanied by a text by the drawer to explain why the drawing was useful to them.

    The documentation includes contributors, installation photographs, an essay and the catalogue of texts.


    Team Workshops

    Eye to Pencil runs drawing workshops for teams in the creative industries. Our drawing studio is set up with a wide range of tactile drawing materials. We offer a valuable counterpoint to contemporary screen based work. Get in touch or come and visit the studio to discuss how we can devise drawing sessions to suit you.

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