Eye to Pencil is an interdisciplinary studio, working with people to activate and express their ideas through drawing.

Evening Workshops

We still have a few November Evening workshops to go.

Coming up in the Spring Term of Evening Workshops a flurry of young artists join us in the studio with their ideas on drawing. Looking at the abilities and limitations the medium brings us we will be exploring ideas from girlhood to cartography. We hope to see you join us for abstract animation, collaborative drawing , interpreting the internet and more.

Starting on 9 January, every Tuesday from 6.30-8.30pm.

This series is curated by Issey Kang.


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    Documentation from our occassional one-off projects, each of which has extended our ideas around drawing.


    Team Workshops

    Eye to Pencil runs drawing workshops for teams in the creative industries. Our drawing studio is set up with a wide range of tactile drawing materials. We offer a valuable counterpoint to contemporary screen based work.

    We have worked regularly with architecture, and structural engineering teams.

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    Guest Series

    Over a 2 year period we ran 25 Talks & Workshops given by a wide range of drawers from different professions and fields including anatomy, architecture, graphic novels, music, photography, art, structural engineering, ethno-botany and architecture.

    These provided the studio with examples of how drawing is currently used in different ways across working processes. The experiences they shared and knowledge they transmitted were given with exceptional generousity and broadened our understanding of the role of drawing.

    We are currently archiving the Guest Series.