Upcoming: POST - Blueprints: A Dialogue

1 & 8 October 2023

PV: Saturday, 7 October, 6-9pm

Opening Times: 12-6pm on 1 & 8 October

Workshop 1 : Imagining The Future Past, Sunday, 1 Oct, 2-4pm

Workshop 2: Imagining The Past Future, Sunday, 8 Oct, 2-4pm

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This project swings between drawing and building. The overarching theme of artist-led network POST is a dialogue between art and place, and the participating artists have come together to investigate these ideas.

More than half a century has passed from the everyday use of blueprints in architecture. Today we can inspect their imagery not from a functional perspective, but from an aesthetic one. The starting point for this project is the translation between architectural drawings and art, then back again, from art to construction. Slippages through translation and reinterpretation are intentionally incorporated into the process. A sculpture on a scale of 1:1 will be constructed in the space, around which images, film and architectural models relating to the construction of the sculpture will feature.

POST will run two drawing workshops: one will include architectural readings of the installation, concentrating on voids, volumes and diagrammatic aspects of the structure; the other focuses on reimagining, repurposing, and collective storytelling.

Talks/Workshops with POST collective

About POST

POST is an interdisciplinary collective. The members working on this project are:

Aliki Kylika an architect, a performance maker and an educator.
Instagram: @performarch

Helena Wee is an artist, writer, creative coder and PhD researcher at Birkbeck.
instagram: @helena_wee

Mary Yacoob is an artist who appropriates the visual language of diagrams.
Instagram: @mary_yacoob

Marco Cali  is a UK based artist, curator and educator with a parallel interest in writing, cinema and theatre.
Instagram: @enriccoviii

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