Occassionally we extend ideas in the studio through one-off projects.

Previous Projects:


1-8 October 2023

Aliki Kylika, Helena Wee, Mary Yacoob, and Marco Cali collaborated on a project swinging between drawing and architecture.

The installation developed from slippages in visual language between art and architecture, and drawing and 3D model making.


Useful Drawings

31 March-2 April 2023

130+ Drawers

We put out an open call for 'Useful Drawings' - drawings which had been helpful or valuable as part of a process. The exhibition showed how drawing plays a role in creative work from mapping out a route for a cycle race, studies for future artworks, to a surgeon making visual notes for prospective surgery.

Useful Drawings archive

Force Majeure

26-28 November 2021

Marco Cali, Luci Eyers, Marianne Walker

A collaboration during lockdown - one starts a drawing, posts it to the second, and it is finished by the third. The circuits continued to create over 60 drawings, each with 3 stylistic hands in converstion, only connecting on paper and through the postal system.

Force Majeure archive