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Evening Workshop: TOM HARDWICK-ALLAN - 11 June 2024

Evening Workshop: TOM HARDWICK-ALLAN - 11 June 2024

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With Tom Hardwick-Allan
Tues, 11 June, 6.30-8.30pm
Location: Studio, 26 Exmouth Market, EC1 4QE 

When in the cocoon the caterpillar breaks down into imaginal cells, out of which its image (final stage) is formed. Taking this as an analogy, the workshop will seek to locate a sensibility in you which feels true to the moment. We will consider how the imagined is facilitated by the image, treating drawing as a membrane through which the two make contact. Drawing is both verb and noun, it is a diagram of its own becoming which turns the linear accumulation of line into an imago of simultaneous time.

We’ll be looking at early learning to gain insight into a world teetering on the edge between presence and meaning, with an attempt to fall/fail back into the former. The session will play with what can be a temporary social body, and the emergent possibilities in this collective lucidity. All to be discussed at the end.

Materials are included.
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Access: The studio is on the 1st floor with no lift

Tom Hardwick-Allan scratches away at an array of surfaces. He treats image making as a digestive process in which the shapes of ideas are broken down to activate the latent chemical potential that they contain. Guided by a principle of negation (or decreation) in this searching excavation, he attempts to dislodge a framework through which something from another side might arise.

Current bits include White Trash at The White Ermine, Dusseldorf and some writing in The Toe Rag consumption issue.



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