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Thursday Evening Workshops: MACK PEGRAM - 29 June

Thursday Evening Workshops: MACK PEGRAM - 29 June

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IN CONSEQUENCE: Drawing and Miscommunication 

With Mack Pegram 
Thursday, 29 June, 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Studio, 26 Exmouth Market, EC1 4QE 

In his first Thursday Evening workshop in the studio, Mack Pegram invites you to an evening of misinterpretation, instructional drawing and thing-building. The workshop will take the form of a game of consequences, whereby a series of visual prompts leads into a series of drawn and 3D assemblages which will culminate in an ensemble of miscommunications.

Materials are included.
Note: STUDENT/UNWAGED discount of 33%
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Access: The studio is on the 1st floor with no lift

Mack Pegram is a fashion student at Central St Martins who describes his practice as dipping his fingers tentatively into many disciplinary pies - from photography to millinery. His work is frequently concerned with the humour and charm found within mundane everyday life. He is fascinated by history, tales and faraway worlds - both personal and general. Through the creation of images and objects he seeks to locate himself within the tensions and contrasts of these worlds; bonus points if he can have a sardonic dig at something along the way.

Instagram: @jtownjuugman

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