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Talk/Workshop 1: POST - 1 October 2023

Talk/Workshop 1: POST - 1 October 2023

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TALK/WORKSHOP 1: Sunday, 1 October
Location: Studio, 26 Exmouth Market, EC1 4QE 


An architectural drawing is a future imagined and the construction that comes from that drawing is that very future as a concrete present.

The three-dimensional condition of architectural models is ideal for exploring together the form, scale and texture of architecture, which remain otherwise hidden or disjointed in the two-dimensional drawings.  A sculpture on a scale of 1:1 will be constructed in the space, around which images, film and architectural models relating to the construction of the sculpture will feature.

Participants are invited to record the experience of the immediate presence of the sculpture. They will do this by circulating & entering the installation and drawing fleeting viewpoints.

The drawing workshop will include architectural readings of the installation, concentrating on voids, volumes and diagrammatic aspects of the structure.


POST is a peer-led network for artists who respond to place. The members working on this project are:

Aliki Kylika an architect, a performance maker and an educator.
Instagram: @performarch

Helena Wee is an artist, writer, creative coder and PhD researcher at Birkbeck.
Instagram: @helena_wee

Mary Yacoob is an artist who appropriates the visual language of diagrams.
Instagram: @mary_yacoob

Marco Cali is a UK based artist, curator and educator with a parallel interest in writing, cinema and theatre.
Instagram: @enriccoviii

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Access: The studio is on the 1st floor with no lift


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