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Guest Workshop: MARKUS VATER - 8 March

Guest Workshop: MARKUS VATER - 8 March

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What You see is not what You look at

Wednesday, 8 March, 10am-4pm (1 hour lunch break)
Location: Studio, 26 Exmouth Market, EC1 4QE 

Markus Vater’s workshop will be experimental. He wants to investigate drawing, perception and thinking through a number of actions and exercises. For example a performance on perception and then trying to draw how something feels and not necessarily how something looks.

There will be exercises on nonsense, and exercises on the relationship of image and text. His ambition is to create something poetic and real. “Something funny. Something serious.” He explains that “Our world is locked in firm functional symbolic structures, that he would like to wobble during the workshop, to unlock the richness that lures in everything. Within drawing anything, be it a road, a bug, a conductor, a cloud, a sofa can unfold its potentiality and its reality. A line can be so much, like a rip that goes right through the world. A bit of nothingness, that is something.”

Materials are included.

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Access: The studio is on the 1st floor with no lift

Markus Vater Bio:
Markus Vater was born in Düsseldorf in 1970. He grew up in the Eifel, a volcanic landscape south of Cologne.  During the 1990s he studied Fine Art at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and the Royal College of Art in London. His paintings, drawings, animations and photographs have been exhibited worldwide at public museums and galleries. He lives and works as an artist and university lecturer in London and Duesseldorf.

Instagram: @markus_vater @vaterdrawing

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