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Course: THE FIGURE IN SPACE & MOTION - 19 February – 18 March 2024

Course: THE FIGURE IN SPACE & MOTION - 19 February – 18 March 2024

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Monday, 19 February - 18 March
6-8.30pm, Mondays
£95 for 5 Lessons
Location: Studio, 26 Exmouth Market, EC1 4QE 

With Luci Eyers

This series of 5 figure drawing sessions will focus on the figure within our surrounding space, considering how we relate to the built environment around us, and to capturing movement. This is a more active form of life drawing and one that is more connected to contemporary life. We will explore drawing the figure in different contexts, in varying everyday poses, building up from drawing movement in slow motion to capturing it at speed. When we can draw from people around us, at home or in the park or a cafe, we have endless potential for figure drawing.

Throughout the course, we will draw from a contemporary dancer, Isabelle Roche, who is an active participant and a drawer. We will also draw ourselves, each other, and draw on location in Exmouth Market. Starting with figure drawing in the studio we incrementally develop confidence and familiarity with drawing people in the world around us. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to draw figures - including architects, illustrators, designers and artists. 

Materials are included.

Note: STUDENT/UNWAGED discount of 33% 
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Access: The studio is on the 1st floor with no lift

Luci Eyers Bio:
Luci is a painter and educator, and director of Eye to Pencil.  She studied at the Slade, then participated in 2012 in the studio programme at Turps Art School, later mentoring on Turps Correspondence Course. Luci always looks for a sense of movement in her own drawing.

Isabelle Roche Bio:
Izzy graduated recently from her studies at London Contemporary Dance School at The Place, she is also a drawer.

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